If for any reason your application is refused by a mistake on our part, we will fully refund our fees.

We appreciate our clients. We have dealt with a wide variety of clients to help them solve their leasehold probelms. Here are just some of the positive comments we have had:

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Review 1 Robert Harvey, Joint Chairman Residents Association, Rope Keys, Gosport, Hampshire. Leasehold Doctors succeeded in getting us Right To Manage for our development where others had failed. They were diligent, attentive, patient and professional and a pleasure to work with. Nothing was too much trouble. Mr. John Hemingway was superb in his approach to a very complex subject involving tripartite leases for 110 properties. Thank you. Robert H.

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Review 2 I can't recommend this service highly enough. Not only did you save us a considerable amount of money and we had recouped the cost of using you within 3 months. But also you liberated us from inefficient and lazy service providers and allowed us to do the work for ourselves. I would also add that you were helpful after we had set up the right to manage company and that the extra work involved is – as you said – very, very minimal. So thank you very much. We were delighted. Ann H.

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Review 3 Tony Antonio. First of all, let me say how very happy I was to have found Leasehold Doctors. We had major issues with our management agency, as they were charging us extraordinary costs for virtually doing nothing. So enough was enough and I decided to do something about it on behalf of our building before it was too late. We decided the right to manage route after giving Leasehold Doctors the relevant information needed. John Hemingway did all the hard work for us and within a few months our landlord decided to allow us to manage our building. I have to say John was extremely professional and responded to my needs quite quickly. I'm indebted to John and I would highly recommend Leasehold Doctors to all those who are having issues with their management agencies. Oh, and did I mention that the services are very competitive compared to similar companies? Keep up the good work Leasehold Doctors.

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Review 4 Hi, my name is Chris. I have been recently using services of Leasehold Doctors and I'm very pleased to say that I'm very happy with the service. It's been very professional and the contact was very good. I had immediate responses to all my e-mails. And yeah, and it says what it does – it does what it says, on the tin. So yeah, it's been brilliant service by the Leasehold Doctors, especially John Hemingway which I’m very grateful for the job he has done. And then finally we’ve got our own building management company. We are in charge of our own building. So yes, thank you for that. Chris P.

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Review 5 Hi, my name is Parvez from Beaufort RTM which John helped set up. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed working with John, an absolute professional that guided me through the experience of setting up the RTM and finally freeing myself of the confines of the dreaded management companies ripping us off. Since the RTM was formed my total exposure, in other words, my budget has gone down by two thirds. Once again, a great help, a fantastic fellow. Thank you to John Hemingway from Leasehold Doctors. Thank you once again. Parvez A.

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Review 6 My name is Stephanie Casey and as a client of Leasehold Doctors I wish to leave this testimonial on their behalf as I can't recommend them as a firm highly enough. John Hemingway was always available, responsive and quick to help with any queries. And once we put ourselves in his hands to manage the process, he just proceeded and delivered the necessary, promptly, whilst providing any relevant advice as required. And I certainly did ask plenty of questions and they were all dealt with great patience and he was just very happy to help because it's a process that not everybody understands and not everybody is familiar with. So thankfully we could very, very, very happily leave it in the capable hands of John Hemingway and Leasehold Doctors.

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Review 7 Michael Thackery. We used Leasehold Doctors for setting up an RTM company. Everything went very smoothly. They gave a very courteous, professional and user-friendly service. Their telephone was always answered promptly and helpful advice given. I would definitely recommend anyone to use them and we would certainly use them again. Thank you.

  The new company is running well, the residents have reduced their management fees by 50% already and it is likely to drop a little further next year. It was definitely a very worthwhile piece of work that we will benefit from for years to come. We’ve made another saving of £2000, this was the price [old management company] gave us for removing a tree at the side of the block. I contacted Network Rail as the tree was on their land and they have just removed it Free Of Charge. The benefits and savings you make with your own RTM are very satisfying and very rewarding.
- Harry Frenton, Cheshire


Thank you very much for your e-mail about our RTM. Seems too good to be true; hope I'm not getting carried away, but what the heck - your e-mail is perfectly clear and I'm........ecstatically happy!  Well done!  If you have any feelings of 'job satisfaction' over this - you are entitled!  Thanks.

 - Brian Gill, Bognor Regis



That's great news! that' made my weekend.
Got an extra 90 years and saved a fortune!
thanks for everything.
Linda Connors, Watford
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"Thank you so much. Documents received and stored!
By the way, I am very pleased with your service and if you need testimonials for future clients- I'd be happy to provide it. All the best,"

- Winnie Morley, Portsmouth

"Just to let you know that we finally completed on the lease extension today. I wanted to write and say thank you for all the work that you put into this particular case - I very much appreciate the extremely useful guidance received and felt that you were superb at handling many of my queries.

I'll certainly be recommending your services to anyone I know who thinks of extending their leases, and would be more than happy to send you a short 'testimonial' paragraph if you'd like to use it for the website or other publicity. Best wishes and thanks again"

- James Wallman, London

"I just like to thank you for acting on our behalf to achieve the right to manage ourselves, and 2 months early"
kind regards
- T Mattoo, Slough

"Although I know it's important, I just don't have time for this stuff - thanks for taking care of it for us."                                                                     
Clive Petit, Canvey Island

"You helped us to reach agreement before attending the LVT, and take over nine thousand pounds of reserves for the new 'Right To Manage' company."
Martyn Hopkins, Basildon

"You helped me to add 90 years to the lease and eliminate the ground rent. Nice profit for me. Thank you."
- Simon Bond, London




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